A love, a passion, a way of life…

Over the past four decades, and together with the ever-growing experience of its students and two instructors, the MANASIS School of Greek Dance and Culture has set unmatched, unrivalled standards, in execution, choreography and discipline.

One of the school’s fundamental beliefs is to continuously strive to present a new movement, a new position, a new idea, differing from the customary formation, to show that dance too, just like art, evolves.

…we must understand where we come from,
in order to know where we want to go…

As the school endlessly searches and creates new methods of execution, its belief is that all culture should evolve with time, whilst still remaining firmly embedded in its traditional past.

With services ranging from dance classes for all ages and abilities, professional dance performances, traditional instrumental floorshows, school incursions, cultural education programmes and themed corporate events, MANASIS is able to create a fun, interactive and energetic programme to suit any function, anywhere!

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