Founder, Master, Former Director…

Born in the village of Myrini, Karditsa in 1960, the undisputed “Master” of Greek Dance- Alkis Manasis, began his lifelong career from very humble beginnings.

Migrating with his family to Australia at only eleven years of age, Alkis’ passion as a young boy, was fuelled by his ever-present participation in family celebrations, cultural events, festivals and other social gatherings.

As a young teenager, his interests in folk dance led him to meticulously observe and document dance steps from those around him.

…his foundation and knowledge of Greek dance were all self-taught…

It is due to his own intense study of media such as video footage and literature relating to traditional dance, that Alkis has developed a style, which according to observers and critics, “is truly unique, individual, professional and totally unmatched… worldwide”.

Alkis commenced teaching Greek dance in 1979, and has since taught thousands of students, through both Greek Language Schools, and his own dance school, originally established as the “ALKIS MANASIS  School of Greek Dance and Culture”.  His highly disciplined teaching methodology, stems far beyond “dance”, promoting respect, morals and traditional core family values.

…what sets Alkis apart, is the fact that he embraces what seems to be a simple folk dance, and transforms it into an absolute art form…

His imagination, creativity and choreographic talents are the reasons why he is recognised without any doubt, as one of the greatest Greek dancers/choreographers not only in Australia, but worldwide.

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