Setting the standards…

Zorba ‘Til You Drop

Hosted annually at Melbourne’s “Antipodes- Lonsdale St. Greek Festival”, the “Zorba ‘Til You Drop” dance competition is focused on fitness, stamina and perseverance.

A “last man standing” endurance, it has been known to commence with over thirty participants, dancing and instructed to demonstrate a range of skills and abilities, until only one is left.

..the record is still held by Dimosthenis, dancing non-stop for 2h 53m 23s!

Both former and current MANASIS students have won the competition since its inception, and Alkis took victory in 2005. Dimosthenis has won the competition four times- 2004, 2014, 2018, 2019, placed runner-up in 2020, and still holds the duration record, and most titles to date.

Victorian Cup of Excellence

Held for many years at the Dallas Brooks Centre, the “Victorian Cup of Excellence in Greek Dance” showcased Melbourne’s leading dance and cultural institutions.

…victors of the 1986 and 1987 competition, Alkis’ performing group won the only ever “back-to-back” championship title…

These performances for the first time presented in excess of thirty-five dancers on stage, a multitude of costumes and performing a plethora of traditional dances, all within the regulatory five minute allowance.

Victorian Ethnofest Dance Competition

Presented by the AMYA Nikola Karev, the “Victorian Ethnofest Dance Competition” is as much celebration of cultures from around the world as it is a tournament.

…judging for the competition is based on disciplines evident in all types of dance- choreography, performance and overall presentation…

Winning the championship MANASIS took the cup with their presentation of traditional folk dances from Naousa (Macedonia) and Thrace.

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