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Folkloric Dance Concert

In 1988, Alkis’ creativity led him to choreograph, direct and stage the very first Greek dance concert presented by a single dance institute (a ‘solo’ production). The original “Folkloric Dance Concert”, presented at the Dallas Brooks Centre, set the absolute benchmark for excellence in Greek dance. The overwhelming support and publicity generated from the original concert, inspired Alkis not only to stage a second show during 1989, but also to go on tour and take the entire production interstate.

...what turned the “Folkloric Dance Concert” series into a phenomenon, was the fact that nothing to that scale had ever been attempted before

-Australia’s first Greek cultural organisation to stage a dance concert, presenting music and dance from all regions of Greece
-Only dance school to tour an entire concert interstate; Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 1989
-Over 100 performers on stage for a non-stop three hour spectacle
-Production of over 400 traditional costumes, both men’s and women’s from various regions of Greece
-Only dance group to edit, cross-fade and mix traditional Greek music, to be used in competitions and performances

In 2006, MANASIS returned to the Dallas Brooks Centre, to stage what had been missing from the Greek community for, at the time almost two decades. Under Dimosthenis’ directorship, the school staged the “Folkloric Dance Concert, 2006”, presenting song, dance, traditional instruments and costumes from all regions of Greece.

…the exhilarating world-class show, was presented to an audience of over 2,000 people, and sold over 40,000 DVDs nation-wide, and exported to Greece, Germany, Canada and USA!

Multicultural Folkloric Dance Concert

Unity through diversity

Celebrating cultural diversity in Melbourne, and right throughout Australia, the “Multicultural Folkloric Dance Concerts” were an exhibition of timeless traditions from across the globe.

Hosted and presented by MANASIS  in conjunction with Melbourne’s leading cultural organisations, the events presented music and dance from Indigenous Australia, Scotland, Armenia, the Middle East, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Serbia and Greece.

The events proved to be a great initiative for the youth of today as all participants gained and acknowledged a higher degree of respect for each other as individuals, as organisations and as cultures.

…there is far more that we have in common, and which unite us all,
rather than historical differences which keep us divided…

The MANASIS School of Greek Dance and Culture wishes to extend its heartfelt appreciation to the multitude of cultural organisations and their extended communities and networks, whose direct participation resulted in the success of these events:

GREECE | The Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture (Sydney)
GREECE | Sydney Sizmos Greek Dance Company
GREECE | Sydney Greek Dancing School
GREECE | Cretan Association of Sydney
GREECE | Fotia Greek Dancers
SERBIA | Folklorna Grupa SUMADIJA
SERBIA | MORAVA Serbian Dance Ensemble
SERBIA | AVALA Serbian Folk Ansambl
ARMENIA | AZAD GHARIBIAN Armenian Folk Dancing Group
TURKEY | EKOL School of Arts
MIDDLE EAST | Azura’s Oasis
HUNGARY | FONO Hungarian Dance Group
RUSSIA | RUSICHI Russian Folk Dance Ensemble
AUSTRALIA | Bob Cohler (Aboriginal / Indigenous Australian Representative)

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