Director, Instructor, Choreographer…

Dimosthenis began his career as a dancer at the age of three, by taking his first ever steps within his father’s dance studio.

As a young boy, his passion was fuelled not only by the support of a tight knit family, but also by the perseverance and constant mentoring from Alkis.

…having adopted his father’s style of dance, Dimosthenis’ entire life has been primarily focused on folklore and culture…

Throughout his teenage years, Dimosthenis’ passion led him overseas, where he travelled extensively throughout Greece and its neighbouring countries, researching, documenting, cataloguing and collecting authentic traditional folk instruments.

At seventeen years of age, Dimosthenis began teaching Greek dance, taking over the Directorship of the now, MANASIS School of Greek Dance and Culture.  His methodology attempts to teach in a way which gives his students a sense of belonging, achievement and pride.

…his fundamental key to teaching dance is communication, as through this, comes respect, discipline and commitment…

Dimosthenis has further developed the school, by targeting wider audiences, through the establishment of new dance studios, affiliations with many of Melbourne’s Greek Language Schools, traditional instrumental performances, school incursions, cultural educational programmes, themed corporate events, and classes for Greeks and non-Greeks alike.

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