ΦΡΟΥΡΑ – φρουρά
frou-ra| frew-rä(h)\ [Greek]

[n. ] 1 honour guard, also ceremonial guard  a : group of people appointed to receive or guard a head of state or other dignitaries, the fallen in war, or to attend at official ceremonies  b : the practice of providing a guard of honour as a mark of respect (as in sporting and commemorative events)

Introducing the FROURA | Hellenic Australian Honorary Guard; Australia’s tribute to the official Greek Presidential Guard- the “Evzones”.

As a formal extension to the MANASIS School of Greek Dance and Culture’s existing Parade Corps, the FROURA was established to preserve customs and traditions associated with performing various ceremonial duties.

Victoria is host to several commemorative events throughout each year, and the FROURA aims to recreate and showcase this elite, ceremonial guard at a variety of those, including ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, and Greek National Day, as well as acknowledging distinguished guests, welcoming professional sporting athletes, and leading ceremonial processions and observances at culturally significant events.

Not constrained by limitations of tradition, the FROURA is comprised of both male and female participants, dressed completely in traditional Greek attire, and dispersed throughout its two main divisions:

Firstly, the Flagbearers, with an impressive arrangement of Greek, Australian and Indigenous flags, coupled with countless standards and insignia displaying symbolism of Hellenic liberty;

Secondly, the Marching Band, providing uniformity of both musical and visual performance, bearing a dramatic array of drums and other percussion.

The FROURA is a presence, an experience, and a highlight at any event, and the only formal body in Australia able to deploy a ceremonial offering in this way.

…First you’ll hear them coming; then you’ll see them!

For more information, or to have the FROURA at your next event, contact us