There is a near-endless repertoire of folk dances which students from various age groups and classes are able to perform. The pinnacle, is the MANASIS School of Greek Dance and Culture’s famed Senior Dance Group- Australia’s ONLY professional-calibre Greek dance troupe, which currently offers two corporate, professional-standard routines:

Evolution Bracket (Traditional / Folkloric)

The “Evolution Bracket” is the latest in a long line of breathtaking routines presented by the MANASIS school. It is the most intricate, complicated, longest and elaborate non-stop dance routine ever performed by a Greek cultural institute.

Opening to the haunting and rhythmic sounds of the Zourna, Gaida and Daouli, the journey begins with  “Koudounofori” or “Bell-Wearers”, followed by the famous “Yianitsari and Boulles”.

The stage is quickly transformed into a sea of countless performers. Dressed in various traditional folk costumes, they present over thirty dances from the regions of Naousa, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Epirus, Thrace, and Macedonia.

The audience is taken on a journey, deep into the roots of Greek folklore, and soon realise that “Evolution” is the product of having embraced tradition, and having used it as a guide to further develop the Hellenic-Australian cultural identity.

It is a window for audiences of all backgrounds to gaze through and be captivated by the richness and colour of what Greece’s endless history has to offer.

The New Modern Bracket (Contemporary)

Throughout the summer of 2000, Alkis’ choreographic talents led him to the creation of what his students and audiences alike, dubbed the “Millennium Bracket”.

Now, the new and updated routine, undoubtedly one of Alkis’ greatest ever works, has been refined to the last detail and features an amalgamation of traditional Greek folk dance steps, fused with contemporary dance styles and movements- an interpretation of expressionism through folklore.

The highly choreographed fifteen minute routine, presents a broad focus on dances from all regions of Greece, whilst highlighting Macedonia, Cyprus, Crete, the islands, Pontos and the ‘laika’ era, with contemporary costumes designed specifically to blend with the bold yet elegant theme.

Throughout the duration of the performance, the strict discipline, the athleticism and the repetition which the dancers endure throughout endless hours of rehearsals, all become visible to the audience.  It is the school’s constant pursuit of perfection, which makes their style individual and exceptional.

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